This page is regularly updated with resources as they are shared with us. 

The Knights Out Mentorship Project pairs junior officers with mentors based on branch and year group, and informally sponsors junior officers as they arrive at duty stations. For more information, please contact us at

Cadets and applicants to West Point should check out Spectrum, the Corps of Cadets’ LGBTQ support organization. 

Visit the Make the Connection project to hear stories from veterans on coming out and other challenges they’ve overcome.

The Armed Services Arts Partnership uses workshops to help veterans express themselves and foster community through the arts. recently published a guide for veterans about the risks of mesothelioma stemming from service in the military, from asbestos-containing materials used in ships, tanks, aircraft and more throughout the mid-1970’s. Learn more about asbestos health here.

As well, provides comprehensive information and support for veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma. Learn about the asbestos trust funds that are available to veterans with mesothelioma.

The New Freedom Academy recently released a compendium of addiction & mental health resources for veterans. The VA’s substance use support directory can be found here